Chandigarh(B.S Sharma)
From today trains for common people are also returning to the track. Initially, 200 trains will run, in which 1.45 lakh people are expected to travel on the first day. On 1 June, the Jan Shatabdi Express will go from Delhi to Una via Chandigarh, it will run from Chandigarh to Delhi from June 2. Twenty six lakh passengers have booked tickets to travel between 1 to 30 June. These trains are in addition to labor and special AC express trains. Passengers must reach the station 90 minutes before. Only those who will not have corona symptoms after thermal screening will be able to travel.
Trains plying and passing through Haryana
Gorakhdham Express daily from Hisar to Gorakhpur
Janshatabdi Express daily from New Delhi to Una
Paschim Express train daily from Amritsar to Bandra
Golden Temple Mail daily from Amritsar to Mumbai Central
Shaheed Express from Amritsar to Jayanagar 4 days a week
Saryu Yamuna Express 3 days a week from Amritsar to Jayanagar
Express train from Amritsar to Kolkata (Weekly) 
Karmabhumi Express (weekly) to Amritsar-Jalpaiguri
Nanded Sahib to Amritsar Sachkhand Express Daily
Janshatabdi Express from Haridwar to Amritsar all days except Wednesday
These trains will run from Punjab: 8 trains will run from Amritsar. These include Central Mumbai, Amritsar to Bandra, Amritsar to Haridwar, Amritsar Jaynagar Shaheed Express, Amritsar to Jayanagar Saryu Yamuna Express, Sachkhand Express, Amritsar to Kolkata and Amritsar to New Jalpaiguri Karmabhoomi.